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Post by Naviera Hugacha on Mon May 25, 2015 5:30 pm

Facility Management
Mythical Trading will manage your trade related facilities for 10% of the income. You will however be responsible for any losses should the income hit the negatives.

Building Construction
We offer the service to go to you and build up any trade related facilities. We supply the RMs and the builder. In addition to the cost of the facility we charge 100,000 credits for every day it takes to get to each system that is to be constructed on. Purchases for construction in a single system for each system that do not total at least 5 million credits are charged an addition 1 million credit fee, not counting the travel fee or this fee. Click on the bar below for our facility costs.
Facility Costs:

ATM=1.2 million credits
Commerce Center=2 mill
Bank=2 mill
Civic Center=2 mill
Casino=3 mill
Crew Quarters=2 mill
Port=5 mill
Star Port=5 mill

Is there an animal you are looking to purchase but just can't find it on the market place. We'll hunt it down for you. To hire us you pay 20% of our price now and the last 80% after we have acquired your creature and are ready to make it over to you. Click on the bar below to see our prices.
hunting prices:

Eye-snatcher=3 million credits
Geejaw=4 mill
Gizka=4 mill
Physallis Berry Monster=1 mill
Squall=4 mill

Boma Beast=8 mill
Crystal Snake=3 mill
Granite Slug=2 mill
Hawkbat=8 mill
Mynock=5 mill
Nuna=4 mill
Quizzer=4 mill
Spice Grub=5 mill

Common Thranta=4 mill
D`oemir Bear=15 mill
Geonosian Massiff=20 mill
Gundark=15 mill
Howlrunner=20 mill
Slashrat=8 mill
Vornskr=20 mill
Womp Rat=8 mill

Aak Dog=50 mill
Corellian Sand Panther=80 mill
Dewback=20 mill
Eopie=20 mill
Kaadu=20 mill
Katarn=20 mill
Kell Dragon=100 mill
Kintan Strider=50 mill
Nerf=20 mill
Nexu=50 mill
Reek=50 mill
Tauntaun=20 mill
Wampa=100 mill

Acklay=50 mill
Bantha=50 mill
Cy`een=50 mill
Draigon=200 mill
Duracrete Slug=50 mill
Falumpaset=50 mill
Fambaa=50 mill
Great Thranta=50 mill
Rancor=250 mill
Varactyl=100 mill

Our other services are a work in progress.

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